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Access Control

Oz Tech has been providing clients with enterprise level hardware for over 18 years.

So if your company requires a security system fit-out phone or email us via our contact page.

Prevent unauthorised access to any part of your premises

The old-fashioned lock and key has its place. But when you have multiple staff who need access to different areas, perhaps at different times of the day and night, keys start to become more of a hindrance than a solution. They’re cumbersome to use, easily lost, slow to cut for new employees, difficult to retrieve from departing employees, and too easy stolen and copied by disgruntled employees. And they offer absolutely no way to monitor who’s been in, or is still in, a particular area.

The only way to effectively restrict access to the different areas of your premises, and to cost-effectively manage those access rights, is to do it electronically.

Key-fob, PIN, swipe card, fingerprint or face recognition

Issue your staff with an access device that's programmed with their particular access privileges. One device is the equivalent of many keys, and you can easily change their rights, without even touching the device or simply record their fingerprint, face print, and assign access rights to it. Then they don't have to carry anything extra at all! Nothing to fit in their pocket, nothing to lose, nothing to copy, nothing to be stolen.

Time-based restrictions

There's no reason for your receptionist to be in the office at midnight. For the cleaner to be there at 3am. Or for the manager to be there at 1. But if they have conventional keys, there's no way you can stop them coming and going, whenever they want. Nor is there any way to tell they were there, after the fact.

With a new sophisticated access control system, you can specify exact windows of time during which someone can access certain areas of your premises. And you can change those times and areas easily, if you need to make an exception.

Log and report on access to all areas

If something in your office is damaged or stolen, and you're still using only conventional keys for access, it's almost impossible to identify who could have been responsible. But with an electronic access control system from Oz Tech, you'll know precisely who's had access to every area of your business premises. What time they arrived, what time they left, and which areas they visited in between. All this information is automatically logged, and you can easily run a tailored report to gain the insight you need.


Access Control

Features include

  • Seamless integration of intruder alarm and access control ability

  • Use of either proximity cards, key ring fob or biometric reader technology

  • Vast assortment of locking devices to suit any access point

  • Integration with CCTV and digital video technologies

  • Powerful and flexible programming of user access control rights

  • End user system management software solutions

  • Comprehensive reporting of user access and egress movements.

  • Technology leasing options available.

  • iOS and Android connectivity

  • IQP Registered for access door testing

  • Processing of Local Body PS1, PS3 and 12A form for access control

  • Management of Local Body access control system 'Exemption from Building Consent' applications

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