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Fire Risk Assessments

With Oz Tech you Never need to worry about not being Compliant!

Do I Need A Fire Risk Assessment

For the purposes of the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 communal areas of blocks of flats are counted as commercial premises and must be risk assessed, and followed through with whatever measures are appropriate.

Freeholders, Directors and Managing Agents could face personal prosecutions as a consequence of non-compliance and are also at risk of invalidating your insurance cover.


There will be a ‘responsible person’ whether a landlord, freeholder, residential management company, right to manage company or the managing agent who is law-bound to get these assessments and works done.




Whilst the flats themselves are treated as domestic areas and are exempt, communal areas in flats are treated as ‘non domestic premises’ by the Health & Safety Executive. As such they are considered as a form of workplace and consequently under various acts and regulations the responsible party has a duty to protect the Health & Safety of everyone in the workplace irrespective of whether they are cleaners, visiting contractors  or persons visiting or resident in the flats.



A fire risk assessment helps you identify all the fire hazards and risks in your premises. You can then decide whether any risks identified are acceptable or whether you need to do something to reduce or control them.

A risk assessment should be carried out by someone who has had sufficient training, and has good experience or knowledge of fire safety.

There are five steps involved in carrying out a fire risk assessment.

  1. Identify the fire hazards

  2. Identify persons at risk

  3. Evaluate the risks

  4. Record the findings in a report

  5. Ensure the report is reviewed and determine the necessary actions

Implement the recommended actions.

Review regularly on at least an annual basis



The regulations change frequently and are often ambiguous as regards communal areas in flats.

Advice varies between different fire authorities and different  local authorities.

Our assessors keep up to date with this changing environment to ensure that you are compliant with the current advice and legislation.


After we have carried out the fire risk assessment of your property, we provide a detailed, clear, concise and comprehensive report.


Recommendations are listed in priority order so that you know exactly what fire safety issues or concerns need to be addressed first.


We will also ensure considerations such as logistics and cost are taken directly into account. We offer a comprehensive aftercare service so, if you have any questions about your report, you can speak to the fire risk assessor who will be very happy to help.

Oz Tech understand that every client has a unique set of fire safety requirements and our dedicated team is on hand to assist with any fire safety queries.


Whether you have a quick question that can be answered by email or you require us to design and deliver a full annual fire safety plan covering multiple sites, you’ll find our team to be friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

Call us Today to discuss your needs and exact requirements .


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