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New challenges arise as networks migrate to higher speeds. This demand for faster application speeds has also spurred technological evolution on data-carrying techniques. As such, copper and fibre transmission standards have progressed, providing greater bandwidth for transporting data at a reduced cost but a higher complexity.


This evolution has produced a completely new set of requirements. A structured approach, that includes:

  •  Measurement methods

  • A certification strategy

  • Best practices for design and installation

  • Standards compliance 


Failure to do so will result in network degradation.

Just as there are many manifestations of the cabling standards to suit various networking environments, there are also many copper and fibre cabling technologies to support them. Business’ must have a solid understanding of these.

Complete Data Network Cabling Infrastructure

Cabling Installation Includes:

  • Accurate quotes

  • Bandwidth recommendations to insure the correct cabling for future needs

  • Patch panels if required

  • Equipment and mounting racks

  • Wall plates and surface mounted modular jacks

  • High quality RJ45 Cat5 and Cat6 cable and data jacks

  • Testing & certification reports

  • Labelling

With over 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge and experience to help your Business develop a structured and compliant cabling strategy.


This enables you to reap the benefits of the advanced technologies for years to come.


Network Cabling / Infrastructure​
“Oz Tech's experience has proven that installing and maintaining reliable Copper and Fibre cable plants is essential to the well being of today’s mission-critical infrastructure networks”.


A house is only as good as it's foundation, without a strong foundation, things come crashing down. Your network cabling forms the foundation of your network and without high quality cabling and terminations, nothing will work as expected.

Copper data cabling forms the largest part of any business network. We can design and install networks with anywhere from 10 to 10,000 data outlets.


Fibre Optic has become common place in many business networks today. Both large and small networks can benefit greatly from utilising fibre optic in their networks.


Whether it be to connect a single CNC machine in an engineering workshop, or build an entire network we have the ability to get the job done.

We can also provide diagnostic services for existing fibre optic cabling using top-of-the-line OTDR's and other diagnostic tools where required

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